Veterinarian Transcription

Today's veterinarian practices require fast and accurate documentation that allow animal practitioners the workflow to do what they became veterinarians for....TAKE CARE OF ANIMALS. Our guaranteed, quality transcription services tailored to your veterinary needs. With competitive pricing, leading edge technology, and quality you can trust, Lee Perfect will go above and beyond your expectations. Use your Smartphone to dictate from anywhere.

Do what humans do
Human healthcare has forced early adoption of digital records due to multiple reasons: insurance needs, stringent privacy laws, and other regulatory considerations by each individual state. In the veterinarian field, the Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) is just as important as in the human world. You are obligated to keep all of your records confidential except by court order or consent by the owner of the animal. With leading edge technology, Lee Perfect will take your veterinarian business into the future. While offering impeccable security, our newest internet based services allow you the capability to dictate anywhere/anytime, listen to dictation through a secure web browser, and monitor dictation online. Internet based services also allow for you to view, edit, and print. Fast and efficient, internet based services offer excellent turnaround time and affordability. There are no set up costs.

Veterinary Hospitals/Medical Centers
Animal Clinics
Group Practices
Individual Practices
Mobile Veterinary Practices
Equine Practices and Care
Veterinary Oncology
Alternative Veterinary Medicine
Large and Small Zoos

Customize your experience and dictation preferences
Designed to match your specific business needs, customizable transcription services allow for you to have a choice. We will work within your budget as well as your detailed business requirements. You will have the ability to dictate anywhere/anytime. We can also deliver reports in file formats specific to your business, print and mail reports directly to you, proofread existing documents, and edit speech recognition documents. All of this while continuing to offer you the highest quality of service.

Whether you prefer to dictate using your Smartphone, PDA, EHR/EMR system, speech recognition software, or audio downloads, Lee Perfect Transcription has a solution that will meet and exceed your highest quality standards.

Dragon® by Nuance/EMDAT Mobile Available for Apple iOS and Android
Dragon® by Nuance/EMDAT Mobile allows doctors to create documentation from anywhere using a WiFi network or cellular data connection. Dragon® by Nuance/EMDAT Mobile maximizes the already-efficient process of dictation by providing doctors with their schedule, their dictation and document templates, and their patients' transcription history while dictating. Documentation created on a mobile device can later be reviewed, edited and electronically signed on the same device or from any internet-connected computer. Once approved, an authenticated, high quality document can automatically be printed, faxed, or integrated directly into an EHR system both as a narrative report and as a marked-up, sophisticated structured document.

To download this free app, search for "Dragon® by Nuance/EMDAT Mobile" in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (Android Market)

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