Podcast / Production Transcription

Allow the team at Lee Perfect Transcription to seamlessly expedite your production transcription. Whether your footage is an interview, walk & talk, an as-broadcasted script, or any other type, our team is experienced in delivering the right format for your needs. In addition to converting your audio to a text file, we offer a complete online experience. Transcripts are delivered with powerful tools for interviews, meetings, films, and more.

Transcripts are essential for the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
Similar to subtitles in a movie, transcripts open up the storytelling, reporting and authenticity of podcasting and radio for those who cannot access audio.
Plenty of English language learners or people who know English as a second (or third or sixth) language would love to listen to your English-language podcast.
Transcripts help a great deal with search engine optimization (SEO)
Time Stamps are available to help sync any video or imagery to your transcription

To request more information about our podcast and production translation services, contact us at lee@leeperfect.net.