Transcription Services.

Save time and money with our state-of-the-art suite of transcription and dictation applications with leading edge technology, Lee Perfect will take your business into the future.
Designed to match your specific needs, our customizable transcription services allow for you to have a choice. While offering impeccable security, our newest internet based services and suite of applications allow you the capability to dictate anywhere/anytime, listen to dictation through a secure web browser, and monitor the progress of your dictation online. Transcriptions can be sent via auto-fax through a referral folder, or via internet based services. Allowing you the capability you to view, edit, and print 24/7/365. We can deliver reports in file formats specific to your industry needs, print and mail reports directly to you, proofread existing documents, and edit speech recognition documents. There are no setup costs and we offer free system training to our clients.

  • - Word for Word
  • - Proofed
  • - Optional Verbatim
  • - Fast Turnaround and Rush Choices
  • - Time Stamps and Speaker ID available
  • - Accuracy Guaranteed

Our transcription is 100% accurate, the highest percentages in the industry. This accuracy starts with hiring only the most experienced, talented and educated transcriptionists to join our team.

We have a senior quality assurance staff to review all transcriptions for quality and consistency, ensuring our clients receive exactly what they come to expect from us - accurate, reliable, professional transcription service. No extra charge for time stamps, verbatim and semi-verbatim transcription.

Academic Transcription – talks, lectures, and seminars
Architectural/Engineering Transcription – technical books, project proposals
Business Transcription – transcribe your MP3, MP4, WAV, DVDs, CDs, and tapes. Speeches, training sessions, brainstorming meetings, employee and security interviews, and investor calls. We utilize ExaVault secure file transfer software.
Conference Call Transcription – maintain written records of your business calls and later use them for further research, review and overall discussion
Dictation Transcription – phone in (using your own phone), Dragon® by Nuance/EMDAT, focus groups, meetings
Financial Institutional Transcription – earnings calls, sales reports, financial meetings, and corporate board minutes
Focus Group Transcription – advertising, and marketing research firms, to prepare transcripts of focus groups and one-on-one interviews
Interview Transcription – graduate students, professors, consultants, attorneys
Insurance Transcription – investigations, damage reports, casualty and assets
Investigative Transcription – Police and Fire Department meeting conversations, special investigations, and emergency room visits
Legal Transcription – depositions, court tapes, correspondence, memorandums, and other internal communications
Market Research Transcription – statistics, group focus, interviews, market research
Medical Transcription – physicians, all specialties, phone-in, and Dragon® by Nuance/EMDAT electronic software utilities
Meeting Transcription – discussions, agendas, follow-up meetings
Mobile Device Transcription – using WiFi network or cellular data connections, for current iPhone, iPad, Android technology
Pharmaceutical Transcription – drug discovery, clinical trials, committee and advisory board meetings,
interviews with doctors and key leaders
Pod cast Transcription – content converted for e-book usage, or voice recordings
Screen Plays – script revisions
Sermon Transcription – biblical terms, chapters and verses
Text-to-text Transcription – handwritten, faxed or PDF copies
Verbatim Transcription – capture of nuance of conversation with pauses, laughter, crying, coughing, interruptions and external noises such as “starting of dvd” or “shuffling of papers”
Veterinarian Transcription
Video Transcription – videos of seminars, webinars or conferences