Audio Transcription

Lee Perfect Transcription is proud to say that we have not met an audio file format that we couldn't transcribe! Our transcription experts can transcribe your audio files for meetings, focus groups, interviews, sales calls, speeches, teleconferences and really any time that you need a manuscript to support your audio file.

Meeting Transcription
Utilizing professional Meeting Transcription services allows everyone in attendance to focus on the agenda, rather than note-taking. Save time producing minutes and create accountability by documenting exact conversations. Quickly and easily share meeting transcripts for maximum effectiveness, review, and clarification.
Focus Group Transcription
Focus Group sessions often involve many people, and insights gained can have a significant impact on your business. Professional Focus Group Transcription can provide easy to read, highly accurate transcripts of the moderator and respondents, allowing you to thoroughly analyze your data. Our team offers an easy upload option, and your transcripts are ready when you need them.
Interview Transcription
Interview Transcription allows you to engage fully in the conversation by capturing word-for-word content. Search for keywords and analyze interview text easily, rather than spending hours listening to audio. Interview Transcription is utilized across a variety of different fields such as corporate business, education, market research, legal and human resources.
Sales Call Transcription
Accurate Sales Call Transcription is essential to recalling what you have offered your clients, and what their expectations are from your company. Gain insight into your client's needs, filter the best leads, and prepare better strategies for future sales calls.
Speech Transcription
Speech Transcription can help you prepare for speaking in front of a live audience. Rather than writing out what you want to say, record your thoughts, and our Speech Transcription professionals will create text, to reference for your public speaking engagement. From graduation speeches and toasts, to political, academic and conference speeches, any audio can be transcribed for posterity and future review.
Teleconference Transcription
For more and more businesses, keeping their internal and remote team members connected by teleconferencing has become routine practice. Project meetings, training sessions and staff meetings, as well as client conferences and sales calls can all benefit from searchable transcripts. We offer secure, accurate teleconference transcription that meets any record keeping need or budget.

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