Digital Voice/text files using Secure Client Login
Our secure client login, if for users with digital voice or text files that are in need of transcription services. (see file formats that are accepted below)

  • Register (for first time users). You will need to register as a client in order to upload files. Contact us to set up an account.
  • Login and upload digitally recorded files. Registered users can log into our client system using their username and password within the “SECURE LOGIN’ area of the site. Click on “Upload Voice Files” and follow our simple process for uploading your voice files.
  • Delivery. We deliver transcripts as Microsoft Word documents. Completed transcripts are uploaded into your folder and we will inform you of their completion via email.

Dictaphone Transcription
Dictaphone offers complete medical and business transcription services through a network of highly trained professional transcriptionists.

  • Call us (312) 664-1877
  • Dictate from any telephone, any time you choose.
  • Delivery. We provide high quality, letter-perfect transcripts as Microsoft Word. We will inform you of their completion.

Converting Printed material, tapes and other media:

  • Contact us. Before sending us your materials, contact a sales representative, to speak personally about the media needing to be transcribed, and for special instructions of your needs.
  • Format accepted. We accept all types of media for conversion into digital format, such as CDs, DVDs and cassette tapes.
  • Turn around. Once the media is received, turnaround time begins. It will be converted, and uploaded into your account.
  • Delivery. We will provide high quality, letter-perfect transcripts to you as Microsoft Word formats. We will inform you of their completion.
  • Returning of original materials. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of your media and materials, along with special instructions in necessary. To discuss arrangements for conversion of other formats, contact us for more information.

Final Delivery of your transcripts from Lee-Perfect Transcribing, Inc.
After your material has been securely transcribed, we will supply you with Microsoft Word documents.  

  • The completed transcribed document(s) will be uploaded into your folder and we will inform you of their completion via email.
  • You can log into your account to view the process at any time.
  • We can also mail printed documents to you for an additional fee. Ask for pricing.

To discuss any other arrangements and needs, please contact us at (312) 664-1877 or email at