Linda Manderfeld, owner of Lee Perfect Transcription, Chicago, IL

Discover Quality, Confidentiality, and Superior Customer Service with Lee Perfect Transcription

Lee Perfect Transcribing Inc. is a U.S. based, women-owned company, that guarantees quality, customizable transcription services tailored to your business needs. With competitive pricing, leading edge technology, and quality you can trust, Lee Perfect will go above and beyond your expectations. From transcribing meetings and speeches to one-on-one interviews, Lee Perfect will provide you with accurate, affordable, and secure business transcription. Lee Perfect employs dedicated, trusted individuals who are ready to work with your business.

Moving forward with technology
With leading edge technology, Lee Perfect will take your business into the future. While offering impeccable security, our newest internet based and mobile device services (current iPhone, iPad,and Android technologies) allowing you the capability to dictate anywhere/anytime, listen to dictation through a secure web browser, and monitor dictation online. Internet based services also allow for you to view, edit, and print. Fast and efficient, internet based services offer excellent turnaround time and afford ability. There are no set up costs and we offer free system training to our clients.

Customize your experience
Designed to match your specific business needs, customized transcription services allow for you to have a choice. We will work within your budget as well as your detailed business requirements. You will have the ability to dictate anywhere/anytime. We can also deliver reports in file formats specific to your business, print and mail reports directly to you, proofread existing documents, and edit speech recognition documents. All of this while continuing to offer you the highest quality of service.

Encryption and password protection is essential and a very important part in keeping your information secure at all times. All digital voice recordings sent via the internet for transcription are encrypted in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Lee Perfect offers a secure FTP (file transfer) server location that is utilized to encrypt and send completed transcription to our clients.

Our compliance officers and staff are well versed in HIPAA rules and regulations, and go through a rigorous training to stay on top of the ever changing rules. Confidentiality is vital when it comes to patient information and Lee Perfect is a compliant HIPAA-HITECH company that can ensure that any information you dictate is safe and protected.

With experience since 1991 and thousands of satisfied customers, Lee Perfect is your business transcription service provider. Based in Chicago, IL, Lee Perfect provides quality you can trust and technology that no other competitor can match. Call us today: (312) 664-1877.